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Please visit my new website, TULITA CREATIONS, unique jewelry and accessories to help wearers balance their energies.
TULITA: तुलित, means 'balanced' in Sanskrit.
If you're looking for an one-of-a-kind gift for special someone in your life or treat yourself, visit store page to exploring unique collection.

One-of-a-kind Unique Handcrafted Jewelry Charms Figurines


Purse Charm Cross - gift idea Ⅲ

It looks like a choker but it is a new purse charm featured cross.
I used a filagree cross for the main charm. I added some Swarovski crystals Art. 5301 and set CZ on the center of the filagree.
Also added a couple of Swarovski round rondells in a beaded string part as a design accent.

Vintage Rose / Jet / Topaz / Light Amethyst / Silk


Beaded Dangling Bookmark - gift idea Ⅱ

More bookmarks.
It has the dangling circle motif on the top and the fringe on the other end, made mostly with Swarovski crystals Art. 5301 and bronze colour fire polished beads.
Some of them were sold as Thank You gift for teacher or Birthday gift. My friend Angela told me she is considering to get one for her daughter.
Her grade 1 daughter really liked this bookmark. Angela thought it'll be a prize for her effort of reading. That's very nice. The perfect prize for the great reading!


Handcrafted Jewelled Bookmark - gift idea Ⅰ

These are bookmarks I made with a beautiful Swarovski crystal component Art. 4461, the fancy stone classical square. Looks like a genuine gemstone, don't you think? Its perfectly facetted surface add class to this design.
I got three different colours of them a couple years ago. I was going to make a necklace once but I stopped with some reasons. The size, 16m/m square is pretty big and thickness of this stone is unstable on the bust. I couldn't decide what do I make with them for a long time then finally decided to make a bookmark.

Indian Sapphire (sold) / Tanzanite (in stock) / Smoke Topaz (in stock)

The bookmark in the market...
there are a lot of different designs, materials and price ranges. I wanted to make something like a tresure. The result is simply beautiful and very special. I loved it. I want one for myself.
I think this would be a one-of a-kind gift for someone special for you. And it also would be an ideal gift for a great reader as well.
It made exclusively with Swarovski elements, Art. 4461 16m/m was framed with Art. 5000 6m/m and Art. 5301 4m/m and two of beads ball were made with Art. 5301.


NEW! necklace design - Three Medals Long Necklace

I've finished a long necklace custom ordered by my friend Miwa. One day she brought a clipping from fashion magazine. She decided to order one because she really liked the necklace has three circles but she never found one like that. The clipping picture shows each circle has a hanging drop bead in the ring. But I suggestioned her to have a motif like a medal. Then we discussed about the colour. According to her wardrobe colours I thought she'll love Swarovski's satin colours. I recommended her Rose Satin, Light Rose Satin and Light Amethyst Satin. Bingo! Her face turned a happy face when I was showing her the colours.
I love Swarovski's satin colours about the sophisticated grayish sparkles.
It costs a bit more than regular colour beads so I usually use satin colour beads for the accent not for the main.
I still don't know why exactly, the shape of the circle motif is changed by the anoumt of the bead. The middle one was okay but top and bottom motif didn't show same. It was a pain, it actually took for a couple days to figure out until I get my desire finishing.
I finally found out the way, made them a bit diffrently for making look same.
I also made a matching earrings for her as a gift. She likes Amethyst colour the most. I put Swarovski Light Amethyst Satin colour crystals more than other two colours on earrings and the chain.
Miwa lived in Canada with husband about two years for husband's work. They are going back to Japan next month. I hope they had the great experience and made the great memories here. Best wishes!


Handcrafted Beads Jewellery Birthday Gift

I chose these Swarovski components for the special custom order from my friend. This is a birthday gift for her daughter. She purchased a white gold necklace chain before. She ordered me something nice for it. I suggested her to use Swarovski chandelier components STRASS #8721.
Don't you think simple is best?
Swarovski #8721 is pretty large drop and Blue Aurora Borealis is very sparkly. I think design should be simple for using the component like this. She liked my idea. I also chose Swarovski #5000. Here is the custom ordered necklace top, special birthday gift from the mother to the daughter.
Look at the beaded clasp on Swarovski #8721. I like this way more than putting a jump ring directly through the component's hole.
It shows the handcrafted detail and avoid to scratch on the surface as well.


Angel Chandelier

This is my angel and my little chandelier as well. It's been giving sparkle to my living room since last December. I had a hanging plant on the same spot before. Unfortunately plant didn't grow well because doesn't get enough light at that corner. I decided hang a decoration instead of a plant.
I got this angel ornament when I was shopping for Christmas. An idea flashed on me when I was looking at that sit on the shelf.
It might looks good if it hang from the ceiling like an angel watching over from the heaven. I picked colour Blue AB of Swarovski chandelier component "Baroque".
I hung larger "Baroque" (50×35mm) from the top inside of the angel then added six smaller "Baroque" (38×27mm) around it. I also put "Briolette" drop beads on both wing and "Briolette" faceted roundelle beads on the top.

I really liked the result. I couldn't stop looking at my angel for a while... even now I'm still following its sparkle sometime.


NEW! item - Purse Charm/Glasses Holder

This new item purse charm/glasses holder is made for my friend Mayumi.

She got an idea when she was looking at some of my purse charms and glasses holders. She chose one and asked me "Is this purse charm able to change to a glasses holder?" Yes! Almost everything is possible handmade by me!! I added a ring parts which holds glasses to that purse charm then added some more chains and beads to spiced up. Actually it is a great idea. The glasses holder doesn't have to be a way used to be. (wearing around your neck) It's okay to hold glasses anywhere you want.
Thank you Mayumi for giving me the new design idea.

Purse Charm + Glasses Holder
= NEW! item and detachable charm

And one more neat idea, I put a lobster clasp on the top end of the charm so it's removable now. You can attach it wherever you like.


A Little Charm for Hoops - Hoop Loops

Hoop Loops is a little charm for hoop earrings. There is a french based store "AGATHA". I loved this store's collection especially charms for hoops at my 20's. I used to enjoy different styles and colours of these charms for my hoops everyday. One day I reallized I have nothing on my hoops. Ummm I need something... I can make something... then I made this little charm for my hoops, just for myself. But almost everyone who see this ask me "Did you make this?" then "That's a good idea... Do you have any ... colour?" Now I'm getting orders constantly. So I made colour samples. If you too are interested in, please take a look at the slideshow (pause button; top of the slideshow) on the center column. You can choose one by seed beads colour; silver, black, gold, dark gold or a variety of Swarovski crystals colour; monotone, light, medium, dark colours and special coating. Remember? You can order if there's no colour you like in samples here.

* ask YOSHIKO about details * price/a pair: CAD$15, CAD$18 (special coating) *