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Graduation Jewellery

I got a custom order from my 13 year old niece Juliana, earrings for her graduation.
Sometimes it's hard to find the one exactly what you want at store.
She was looking for the earrings to match with her reddish orange dress. She didn't see the one then she remembered her auntie = me makes jewellery.
It's my pleasure to make the one for her special moment.
I picked the colour Padparadscha of Swarovski crystal which is a bit lighter than her dress and added some silver colour beads for the accent as same look as the dress. Padparadscha is an interesting colour; it's not orange, red or pink either.
I use this colour with red a lot.
I also made the bracelet to surprise her.
I brought and put it on her on that day.
It was a tears moment for Antie Yoshiko...

I tried to make the set not too fancy this time because she is a young girl and she wanted to have something simple and sophisticated.

This is a picture of her in dress with these set.
She was absolutely beautiful!

"Congratulations! Juliana"