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Angel Chandelier

This is my angel and my little chandelier as well. It's been giving sparkle to my living room since last December. I had a hanging plant on the same spot before. Unfortunately plant didn't grow well because doesn't get enough light at that corner. I decided hang a decoration instead of a plant.
I got this angel ornament when I was shopping for Christmas. An idea flashed on me when I was looking at that sit on the shelf.
It might looks good if it hang from the ceiling like an angel watching over from the heaven. I picked colour Blue AB of Swarovski chandelier component "Baroque".
I hung larger "Baroque" (50×35mm) from the top inside of the angel then added six smaller "Baroque" (38×27mm) around it. I also put "Briolette" drop beads on both wing and "Briolette" faceted roundelle beads on the top.

I really liked the result. I couldn't stop looking at my angel for a while... even now I'm still following its sparkle sometime.

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Shirley Lim said...

Your angel chandelier is beautiful!