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TULITA: तुलित, means 'balanced' in Sanskrit.
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NEW! necklace design - Three Medals Long Necklace

I've finished a long necklace custom ordered by my friend Miwa. One day she brought a clipping from fashion magazine. She decided to order one because she really liked the necklace has three circles but she never found one like that. The clipping picture shows each circle has a hanging drop bead in the ring. But I suggestioned her to have a motif like a medal. Then we discussed about the colour. According to her wardrobe colours I thought she'll love Swarovski's satin colours. I recommended her Rose Satin, Light Rose Satin and Light Amethyst Satin. Bingo! Her face turned a happy face when I was showing her the colours.
I love Swarovski's satin colours about the sophisticated grayish sparkles.
It costs a bit more than regular colour beads so I usually use satin colour beads for the accent not for the main.
I still don't know why exactly, the shape of the circle motif is changed by the anoumt of the bead. The middle one was okay but top and bottom motif didn't show same. It was a pain, it actually took for a couple days to figure out until I get my desire finishing.
I finally found out the way, made them a bit diffrently for making look same.
I also made a matching earrings for her as a gift. She likes Amethyst colour the most. I put Swarovski Light Amethyst Satin colour crystals more than other two colours on earrings and the chain.
Miwa lived in Canada with husband about two years for husband's work. They are going back to Japan next month. I hope they had the great experience and made the great memories here. Best wishes!