Announcement from YOSHIKO

Please visit my new website, TULITA CREATIONS, unique jewelry and accessories to help wearers balance their energies.
TULITA: तुलित, means 'balanced' in Sanskrit.
If you're looking for an one-of-a-kind gift for special someone in your life or treat yourself, visit store page to exploring unique collection.

One-of-a-kind Unique Handcrafted Jewelry Charms Figurines


The Alternative Lariat

This Lariat was a custom order.
The client already had a Dangle Lariat, so I designed this to be a bit different from it. It gives the illusion that she is wearing a 'tear drop bead' necklace as well as the Lariat. I particularily like the little dangles at the shoulders.
I also made matching earrings for it.


How to wear the Lariat?

Customers have often asked me how these two ends go together.
Here are three great ways to wrap your neck. Everyone loves it once they know the variety of styles. Which style do you like the best?

*Like a choker* - wrap it around your neck from the front. Then cross the ends over in front for a choker effect.

*Like a scarf* - fold in half, then wrap around your neck from the back, and slip the two ends through the loop like a scarf.

*Basic style* - drape it around your neck from the back and twist once at the chest for a draped effect that looks great with turtle necks.



The Lariat is one of the most popular pieces in my collection because it can be worn a variety of ways.
A Lariat is something you likely don't have in your jewellery box yet.
It is made with a unique colour mix that can be customized to complement several outfits and colours in your wardrobe.
There are three designs so far.

Dangle Lariat (left), Cascade Lariat (center), Fringe Lariat (right)
You can use it to dress up your favourite cocktail dress, add ♪ bling ♪ to your night out in jeans, or it can add just the right amount of ☆ sparkle ☆ to a power suit.

Spring has come! "Sweet Blooms"

This "Sweet Blooms" necklace was the first custom order I made, very memorable piece for me.
I chose these pink and green colours at the client's request. She also ordered a matching bracelet.
I can't forget how thrilled I was at this very first order. Thanks again, Lynn.

Later I made other colour ranges. This design has become one of the most popular pieces in my collection.